Being environmentally concious has always been very important to us and we know you need to be seen to be doing your bit too. That's why we've made every effort to reduce the impact we may have on our planet. These environmental printing efforts include the use of vegetable oil-based inks, low-chemistry plate processing, recycling of waste paper and certification to global environment protection schemes such as FSC. This way, you can be assured that not only is your job in safe hands but the environment is too.


Our certification to the FSC scheme allows you to demonstrate to your clients how much the protection of the environment means to you, through the inclusion of the well-recognised FSC logo on your printed material. It is a global scheme devised to "ensure and promote the endorsement of sustainable forestry practices" and, in our instance, "provide a guarantee that pulp for paper production comes from well-managed forests and a socially responsible chain of custody" from planting through to the paper we print. To view our FSC certificate, click here.

ISO Accreditations

Our ISO accreditations are testament to our long-standing committment to quality of product and service (ISO 9001:2008) without compromise to the environment (ISO 14001:2004).