Swyg Food and Drink branding project with Newton Print


A strong brand presence was required by our client for a new initiative which is set up as a retail outlet for niche Westcountry food and drink producers, enabling them to market their goods to a UK-wide community. Devon scrumpy and local ales (bottled) will be the focus in the early stages, but this is to expand to cover other Westcountry food and drink products. Initially, the brand will act as a retail face selling other established branded products to reflect the Westcountry's rising status as a speciality produce hub. However, own-label products would soon follow so this brand needed to be strong and flexible enough to stand up for itself at product level.


We produced concepts for our client based on a number of criteria:

  • Punchy, one-line name that encapsulates the heart of Westcountry food and drink
  • Target audience of 20-35 age bracket to revitalise the image of Devon scrumpy and other products as modern, cool and fresh
  • Visual image that connects the brand with visions of happy, contemporary Westcountry holidays in the sunshine
  • Strong colour palette


We took three very separate directions for the initial concept stage as we felt there was scope to develop this brand along a variety of themes. In addition, the styling used could be implemented within sub-brands once Swyg had established a range of own-label products.

Swyg Food Drink Logo Branding main image Newton Print

Concept 1:

This concept took the end user on a journey through a traditional Westcountry orchard but with hints of the open countryside and the sea. This reflects the heritage of the locality connecting contemporary and traditional values.

Swyg Food Drink Logo Branding main image Newton Print

Concept 2:

Our second concept was designed to conjures images of sun, sea and sand - the surfing and beach lifestyle is an important part of the Westcountry, just as much as its food. This will connect younger generations with the brand and take them on a journey they feel familiar with.

Swyg Food Drink Logo Branding main image Newton Print

Concept 3:

Our third concept embodied the great Autumn season - an image of balmy days, bountiful harvest and wonderful colours. This was our favourite (and turned out to be our client's choice too!). This concept perfectly connected the source of the food with the end product with its bold statement style and clever wordplay.

Swyg Food Drink Logo Branding main image Newton Print


The final development of the logo:

Swyg Food Drink Logo Branding main image Newton Print


"When writing our brief for the new brand, we realised there were so many different facets of the Westcountry that we wanted to reflect. And yes, we were pretty worried that Newton's design team wouldn't 'get' what we were trying to say as we hadn't worked together before. But...WOW! There was quite a collective intake of breath when we were presented with the concepts. After much heated debate, we chose our favourite and Newton's team helped us to develop and refine it further. We love the way they cottoned on to our rather rambled brief, helped us to collect our thoughts and then used their experience and creativity to turn the ideas into something tangible. We've now taken this to trade shows and it's gone down a storm. This has translated into revenue too - we've had an uplift of 25% since launching the Swyg brand!"