Printing Pharmaceutical Health Supplement Pill Sample Packing from Newton Print


This international neutraceutical health supplement manufacturer needed an easy, cost-effective solution for their product samples. We had to ensure the right information was included and the sample packs remained protected, whether sachets or capsule blister packs.


We went in two different directions for these - for the sachets, we engineered a thumb-tab to hold them in place top and bottom. The leaflet itself was a 6pp folded piece. 

For the blister packs, we chose die-cut slits in a 4pp format with capacity.

Both options had to be sustainable for production of tens of thousands as well as being secure and easy for end users to handle.


Successful trial runs have led on to consistent repeat orders. We made a few tweaks early on to maximise the efficiency both for production and end user. A delighted customer indeed!


Title:Sachet/Blister Pack Wallets
Size:310 x 140mm finished size
Print:  CMYK Litho Process
Materials: 250gsm silk
Finishing:Die-cut, folded, sachet/pill pack inserted, packed in 10s