Die cut Sandwich Pad Printing Case Study with Newton Print


A Westcountry design agency with plenty of kick yet not ashamed of their country bumpkin heritage. This was what we were presented with. They're creative, they're ambitious, they're bold. A branded lunchbox tin full of promotional goodies? Just the ticket.

This part of the plot was intended to look like a good old ham-and-cheese sandwich. 


Throughout the next few weeks, we researched almost every option on the planet.  Finally, after many late nights and fiddly test runs, we settled on this: the Sandwich Pad.  We printed an image of a bread slice, then collated them into stacks with 3 layers of coloured sheets in the middle (green, yellow and pink to represent lettuce, cheese and ham).  Then we cut the stacks into individual squares, glued one edge to create a pad and finally ram-punched each one to create the sandwich shape.  Ingenious, isn't it?


Our client was rapturous (and so were we).  As a result, they won literally dozens of juicy contracts and also became a talking point in the design-agency world.  (In fact, we were asked a few times out of the blue 'Have you seen the sandwich pads from Core?' It may sound a little narcissistic, but we took great pleasure in replying 'Yup, before you ever did.  We produced 'em!')


Title:Sandwich Pad
Size:120 x 145mm
Print:  CMYK Litho Process
Materials:Bread: 80gsm white bond; Fillings: 80gsm tinted
Finishing:Collated, glued and ram-punched
Sandwich Pad printing Case Study from Newton Print
Die cut Sandwich Pad Case Study with Newton Print

"Thanks for all your prompt help this week in pulling together our various quotes and for your input on our needs; it's genuinely refreshing to work with a printer that shows an interest!"

Matt (Design Agency, Somerset)