Custom Wall Calendar printing with Wiro Bound from Newton Print 1


Help them look up to your brand. Wall calendars may not be as common as other versions but they combine stunning visuals with team-sized functionality. 

The advantage of a wall calendar over its desktop cousin is that whilst not everyone has a desk (or spare space on it), they'll definitely have a wall somewhere. And if your imagery is exquisite and the creative perfectly executed, there's no reason why your calendar can't take pride of place alongside the Rembrandts.

Remember that the content is important. We recommend not going too OTT on the sales message; let the calendar be a brand-builder rather than a wall-hanging version of your 'This Month's Deals' mailer.

An A3 or A2 size is perfect for that unobtrusive yet bold statement. Chat to us to find out how you can maximise your opportunity with out custom wall calendar printing services.

Wall Calendar printing with Wiro Binding from Newton Print 2
Custom Wall Calendar printing with Wiro Bound Desktop Link Newton Print 3

We're often asked for inspiration to help differentiate our customers' wall calendars.  We can recommend:

  • Spot UV (to help boost the image vibrancy)
  • Unusual and eye-catching creative design
  • Using your customers' own images
  • Different wire colour