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Maltese Cross: The Best Brochure Design Idea

How do you find a practical yet eye-popping idea for a brochure that genuinely differentiates you from your competition? This Maltese Cross brochure is 'probably the best brochure in the world', combining a totally unique shape and style with a size that fits well in a handbag, briefcase or pocket.

The Maltese Cross is so called because of its special die-cut shape; if you click on the main image above you'll see exactly how this works. It folds out from a relatively small size to create a multi-panelled brochure able to contain a huge amount of content.

This unique folding brochure design is absolutely ideal as an interactive story-teller, leading the user through the story through its multiple fold-out pages. We've found other clients have also used it for product launches, rebrand launches, pictorial guides and even to replace a bulkier brochure. It's popular in the hospitality industry too as a brochure for a hotel, spa, menu or tourist guide.

The Maltese Cross brochure is so flexible that it can be used with uncoated, gloss or silk papers and can be laminated, spot UV varnished, foil blocked... in fact any special finish or printing technique! If you're searching for a unique brochure idea, this is for you.



The Maltese Cross brochure is created using a die-cutting process to form the unique shape, and is then hand-folded. The most popular (and most cost-effective) size is 148 x 148mm, which folds out to 444 x 444mm max and is ideal as a handout. It's perfectly possible to reduce the size though to fit in with your plans.

Our print experts give you an overview of what to look out for with a Maltese Cross brochure:

"You need to be really careful when creating your artwork to make sure that everything aligns perfectly. If you want help to visualise where your content should go, please have a chat with our design advisers on 01626 368992. It's also important to get the dimensions just right as a few millimetres could make the difference between success and failure."

We're happy to supply technical guides and templates to help you set up your artwork; just drop us a line or pop a message on our live chat.

What our marketing consultant team says:

"The Maltese Cross brochure is one of the most undervalued ideas for Direct Mail and marketing materials ever! It's such a tidy way of publishing a lot of content including text and imagery. You can also create a little insert (for an invitation, takeaway card, contact card, product leaflet etc) which sits in the middle of the brochure and is revealed once all the flaps are open."

We're full of ideas to transform your marketing. Have a browse through some of our case studies and then chat with one of our print consultants.

Maltese Cross: The best folding brochure design layout

A lot of our clients have used the unique folding Maltese Cross brochure design for:

  • Corporate brochures
  • Tourism brochures
  • Direct Mail leaflet
  • Product or Brand launch
  • Brand story overview