Perfect bound brochure printing and perfect bound books with Newton Print


This style of binding is probably the most popular around, and for good reason. Perfect binding gives that wonderful high-class magazine quality to your brochure or catalogue and as a bonus will work wonders for the long-lasting durability of your publication.

We realise that it's often a struggle for you to give your literature an edge without paying over the odds. That's why we couldn't recommend perfect bound printing more; it'll give your clients an awesome impression and really will last long enough to prove its worth.

Printing your brochure as a perfect bound booklet makes so much sense. You can use the perfect binding style as a base for all manner of other beautiful embellishments, such as a spot UV gloss varnish (awesome on top of matt lamination, or even soft-touch velvet lamination). Try experimenting with unusual paper styles too, such as this unique, award-winning perfect bound brochure we produced using a Kraft uncoated board for the cover.

Popular sizes for perfect bound brochures include:

  • A4 landscape and portrait
  • 210 x 210mm square
  • A5 landscape and portrait
  • DL (210 x 99mm or third A4) portrait



Are there enough pages in my brochure for a perfect bound spine?

Usually a minimum of 36 pages of text is recommended for perfect bound brochure printing, but this will depend on the thickness of the paper used. We'd always recommend a perfect bound spine for anything with more pages than that anyway as it would be too bulky and springy for a standard saddle-stitch. (You may have heard of PUR bound brochures; it's exactly the same thing. PUR is just the type of glue that we use in perfect bound booklet spines. It's flexible and tough, meaning that your brochure will open out better and last longer).


Can I have a small volume of brochures perfect bound?

Perfect binding is ideal for both low and high quantities including digital print. It's a really cost-effective binding method and is relatively quick to produce. We produce a lot of digitally-printed brochures with a perfect bound spine and it does make a lot of sense given the relatively low cost and long life.


What paper specification is best for a perfect bound brochure?

It probably goes without saying that perfect bound books such as catalogues and brochures should have a decent cover (350gsm - 400gsm) combined with lamination and a thinner text paper (130gsm - 170gsm are the best options). This will give you the perfect blend between durability, cost-efficiency and quality.

Perfect bound brochures are suitable for all paper options. Often, we find that catalogues and magazines are best on a gloss paper. Brochures, look books, guides etc are usually printed on a silk paper (less sheen than a gloss). For a touch of class and to give your brochure a 'natural' feel, go for a tactile uncoated paper. Ask us for samples to help you decide which is best for you.


Is perfect binding durable?

Perfect binding with our PUR adhesive creates a super-strong spine which can withstand a lot of use and won't be subject to pages falling out. We've been using this binding method for years and have never had any issues at all, so we'd highly recommend it.

If you need your brochure to really last long then we'd recommend a section-sewn (or thread sewn) bound book. This is literally as it sounds; the book is bound together at the spine with actual thread before the cover is attached. If you're expecting your book to get a lot of use and want it to last for years then this is the one for you.


What printing techniques and special finishes can I use with perfect bound brochures?

We always recommend a lamination for the cover to protect it and keep it looking tidy. You can choose from the standard matt or gloss, or go for a spot of luxury with soft-touch velvet lamination - truly irresistible! For extra protection (especially if you have a lot of dark colouring on the cover) then we recommend our anti-scuff matt laminate which is much more resistant to finger prints, scratches and marks.

The beauty of laminated covers is that you can choose an additional print finish or two to embellish it. Spot UV varnish works really well on top of matt and soft-touch laminations, and you can see examples here. Spot UV varnish on an uncoated cover has a really impressive effect and you can see an example here.

Foil Blocking is also a really stunning visual effect and comes in a variety of colours and patterns, including holographic foil. You can read more about foil block printing here.


How do I set up my print artwork files for perfect binding?

Everything you need to know is in our guide to supplying artwork. If you need a helping hand though, please get in touch with our studio at 01626 368992 and the team will be happy to help.


If you would like to find out more about perfect bound brochure printing then please do get in touch. Or pop a question in the chat window below. We're always on hand to help.

perfect bound book printing with Newton Print
Perfect bound brochures and perfect bound booklet printing with Newton Print

Our suggestions for perfect bound book printing and brochure printing include:

  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Look Books
  • Magazines
  • Tourist Guides

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