3D Pop-up mailer printing with Spot UV Newton Print


Imagine the reaction from your client when they get a piece of direct mail like this through the post!  A 3D pop-up mailer never fails to grab attention and produce results, and you're in the hands of pop-up printing experts with us.

Pop-up mailers are fully customisable with a huge range of shapes and sizes to choose from and are a wonderful part of the marketing toolkit.  A popular size is a standard A5 4pp card, with the pop-up element inside. This has plenty of space for a single pop-up element plus other graphics and information whilst remaining a cost-effective size for posting.

If you want to really spice things up, go for an A4 4pp size with multi-layered pop-up elements. As you can see with this beauty that we created for our client, the various layers really make you sit up and notice. 

3D pop-up card printing is one of our specialities and our clients have had huge success using these within their marketing campaigns. All our cards are printed in-house and our team of pop-up experts and cardboard engineers use years of experience to create these beautiful mailers. We strongly recommend these creative mailers for B2B and B2C marketing to create a powerful message that will prompt your audience to respond to your Calls to Action.

As you can see in the video, pop-up mailers work by triggering a mechanism when opened which causes the pop-up element to lift and transform into 3D. Multiple layers can add a sense of excitement and will certainly stick in the mind of your client.

If you need ideas or inspiration for your pop-up mailer printing then get in touch with us to find out more and request samples, or browse through our FAQ's below.



I want to design a pop-up mailer. Where do I start?

We recommend the best way to start is to draw up a rough concept of what you want the end result to look like. You can then visualise what elements you want to include as the 3D feature, and how the background should look. We also recommend you ask us for samples so that you can see how other marketing campaigns have worked. Once we have your visual, our team of cardboard engineers and pop-up experts will create a technical drawing for you to base your design on as well as a pre-production mock-up (unprinted) to make it easy for you to form your ideas into something printable. We also have a design agency in-house who are experts at this, so do let us know if you feel you need extra help!

Can you produce these pop-ups in landscape and portrait format?

Yes we can. We would recommend that for portrait formats, you choose a larger size such as A4 4pp (folded down from A3) so that there is plenty of space for the pop-up elements, especially if there are multiple layers.

What size of pop-ups can you produce?

The most popular size is A5 because it's nice and compact (plus ideal for posting under the Letter postage rate) but also big enough to contain lots of imagery and info. A4 is really impressive as it allows you much more scope for an intricate design and multiple layers. A6 is really nice and compact and is suitable for small messages.

What designs work best with a pop-up mailer?

Cut-out images (such as the hamper in our image above) and vector illustrations are by far the best to work with. Our recommendation is to go for a vector illustration so that it is easy to bring out the relevant elements in the 3D whilst retaining an attractive background. You can also use large text within the pop-up element to really make your message pop!

Do you have set shapes or can I choose my own?

All our pop-up mailers are completely bespoke, so you can design it to be as flamboyant or as crisp as you wish. Your creative flair can really run wild with a pop-up mailer!

I really want to use a pop-up mailer in my marketing. What sort of industries are they relevant to?

Our customers have found great success using pop-up direct mail leaflets in a wide range of scenarios, including property and estate agent marketing, events, product launches, announcements, invitations, industrial machinery product showcases, interior design and 3D imagery concepts, property developers and many more! Have a chat with our advisors to begin your pop-up journey!

Pop-up Mailer printing for Direct Mailing with Newton Print 2
Pop-up Mailer printing for Direct Mailing with Newton Print

How can I use pop-up mailers?

  • Product launch
  • Event announcement
  • Property marketing
  • Interior design showcase
  • B2B marketing messages