Scratch and sniff printing for leaflet brochure from Newton Print


One thing that really makes print stand out on its own is its multi-sensual effect.  What we mean is: pixels are great but you can't touch, feel or smell them.

If there's one thing that really will give the office a buzz, a leaflet or brochure that actually smells gorgeous is a true winner every time.  You will have come across scratch and sniff printing at some point in your life (even if it was only via the Avon catalogue!). 

Scratch and sniff print is created by tiny micro-capsules of scent. When these capsules are rubbed they break and release the chosen scent. Generally, this is a screen print process so that the scent is applied to specific areas. This has the advantage of being much more concentrated but won't be too strong until it is scratched.

It's not only the obvious things that can be sniffable - you should also give some thought to the subconscious, because certain scents can evoke blissful memories and positive emotions.

It's actually pretty interesting but easier to explain in print form; to find out more of how scratch and sniff printing can enhance the build-up to a sale, drop us a line and ask us for a sample pack.  (Or if you’re lucky enough to own our 2016 calendar, check out June!)

Scratch and sniff scented printing calendar from Newton Print
Custom scratch and sniff printing for calendar scent marketing printing from Newton Print

Here's a few ideas for where and when to use Scratch and Sniff scented printing to get you started:

  • Brand launch
  • New products
  • PA crisis management
  • Direct Mail
  • Company Newsletter