Business Card triplex printing and Duplex printing with Newton Print


Surely there's no better way to back up a quality, robust message than with a quality, robust piece of print?  With the incredible process of duplex and triplex printing, 400gsm is no longer the limit!

Simply put, duplex printing is the bonding of two sheets of board to create a double-thickness stock (any guesses what triplexing is?).  So for example, two 300gsm sheets bonded together would become 600gsm.  Have a look at the image on the right to see how a duplexed card compares in thickness to a standard 400gsm.

If you haven't seen triplex or duplex printing before let us know and we'll send you a sample.  It's amazing to feel the difference that such a thick, quality board can make.  And with a triplex printing process you have the option to use a coloured board as the centre-piece - have a look at the image above and you'll see what we mean.  

Triplex printing for Business Cards with Newton Print
Duplex printing for Business Cards with Newton Print

You'll always be popular if you give one of these a new lease of life with a spot of duplex or triplex printing:

  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Swing tags
  • Direct Mail
  • Layflat binding