Spot UV Printing with varnish for Brochures with Newton Print


For a touch of class that's impossible to ignore, Spot UV printing is a winner! It simply means that you can highlight specific areas with a high-gloss varnish that always grabs attention. 

Similar to embossing, spot UV printing is as effective at picking out images or logos as it is as a random 'blind' pattern that doesn't follow the lines of the printed area beneath.  You can let your creative juices flow and actually, we'd really recommend it.  Nothing like a good bit of 'wow, that's clever' to make your customers realise you're special.


To create the spot UV effect, the gloss varnish is applied to a printed sheet in an area that has been pre-specified with a piece of artwork which is then converted to a film. This varnished area is then placed under a UV lamp to cure it so that it dries instantly.

It can be defined to very fine lines but don’t go too thin (below 0.5mm) for areas that are critical, as the varnish may not be able to hold.

If you need to chat spot UV through with one of us we'd love to hear from you.  There's always our helpful blog too if you want to check how spot uv printing is achieved.

Spot UV printing - Varnished Brochure with Newton Print
Spot UV printing in Varnish with Link to Foil Block from Newton Print

To create the ultimate wow-factor, here's a few ideas to help you decide when and where to use Spot UV:

  • Brochure covers
  • Imagery
  • Postcards
  • Calendars
  • Direct Mail