Pantone Spot Colours for Brochures with Newton Print


This might seem obvious but it's always reassuring to know that spot colours (Pantone inks) are the best way to accurately and consistently reproduce your brand colours.

There's something really special about a printed spot colour, whether it's a vibrant green or a rich navy blue.  We'll always advise where a spot colour is needed or would enhance a piece of print; it's part of our commitment to give you the best advice and help you boost the creativity and impact of your marketing efforts.

So when should you use spot colours?  Well, it depends on the design and layout of your print piece but here's a few ideas:

  • To keep brand colours consistent across multiple publications and print runs
  • To achieve a specific colour
  • To boost vibrancy and richness of a colour
  • To turn a flat colour (e.g. gold or silver) into a metallic effect
Spot Pantone Colours for Leaflets with Newton Print
Spot Colours (Pantone) for Catalogues with Newton Print

You should really be considering using spot Pantone colours if you're a:

  • Solicitor/Accountant
  • Large corporation
  • Strong, recognised brand
  • Creative agency
  • Multimedia user