Swing Tag printing for Ticket Label with Newton Print


No retail product is complete without its swing tag.  It's like serving porridge without a spoon. A customised swing tag is a sure-fire way to get your brand right out there in the point-of-sale environment.  Where do shoppers look once a product has caught their eye?  They head straight for the tag; a strong brand will help them make the decision. 

Combine a die-cut swing tag (also known as a swing ticket or product label) with Spot UV or Scratch-&-Sniff and you have a winning combination of creativity and functionality. 

There are literally hundreds of shapes and sizes (in fact there are almost no limitations). Here's a few of our favourite swing tag printing projects to give you an idea.  We've produced swing tags with: 

  • Round corners and Spot UV for sports clothing 
  • Duplexing, brass eyelet and wood-effect print on Colorplan with elastic loop for whisky 
  • Heart-shape die-cut and spot colours for Sainsbury's Valentines gifts 
  • High-gloss coating and folded for ceramic ornaments 
  • Non-tear, water-resistant material for cheese 
Swing Tag printing for Ticket Label with Newton Print
Swing Tag Ticket Label printing from Newton Print

Where do your products end up?  In a retail environment?  If so, you need to protect and enhance your brand.  Here's some swing tag printing examples: 

  • Food and drink  
  • Clothing 
  • Gifts